Our Limited Edition 2023 Collection

The meaning behind this year’s Limited Edition collection is so special to us, because it’s all about the journey we go on as business owners and creators.

We plant the tiny seeds of our ideas and then we tend to them every day to nurture their growth and watch as they start to blossom into success. Just like flowers, we are all beautiful and unique, and we grow at our own pace, blooming when the time is right for us.

This year’s design also includes a dove, which is a well known symbol for peace, freedom and love. We hope that we can help spread kindness, joy and unity across the world in everything we do.

When your planner arrives you’ll see that the shipping box has simple designs of buds that are just beginning to spring into life, representing the start of your 2023 journey. As you open it you’ll see your presentation box inside, with a beautiful floral design blossoming in gold. Then, as you open the presentation box, you’ll discover your planner inside in full colour and full bloom.

Our Limited Edition Planner & Manifesting Notebook were so popular for 2022 that we knew we had to do another one for 2023 and this year we’re also adding matching Manifesting Pens to the mix too. These are exclusively available in our Bundle with a Manifesting Notebook at 75% off for a limited time.

To grab the Bundle, just choose your planner on the home screen and then the pop-up will appear for you to select which colour Manifesting Notebook + Manifesting Pen Bundle you would like.

– – –

Our Limited Edition Planner cover measures 170mm wide x 220mm high and comes in our soft peach colour limited edition design. Availability is limited and once all Limited Edition products are sold, that’s it!